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Frequently asked questions

What is included?

All lodging, meals, activities, ride food/drink are included. Just show up with your bike and we take care of the rest! (And…if you need a bike, we can help with that too)

How fit do I need to be?

While we can design routes for any fitness and skill level, we recommend that our guests have at least some cycling experience and that they are prepared to ride at least 10-12 miles per day with 1000-1500ft of elevation gain. It’s hilly here, so get ready to challenge yourself (we promise, it’s worth it!!)

I’m worried I’ll be too slow!

We want all of our clients to have a positive experience- and that means being able to ride at your own pace and within your comfort level. Each day there are typically two ride options- one longer and one shorter. We always have enough guides to ensure you will not be riding on your own. If you are concerned about your fitness and/or want to be able to ride more miles, consider renting an e-bike (we can help secure a local rental if needed)

What kind of bike do I need?

For gravel tours we recommend a bike with at least 37mm tires and a 1:1 easy gear ratio. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your bike or gearing. 
For mountain bike tours, a full-suspension mountain bike is recommended but not necessary (Local rentals available)
For fat bike tours, a fat bike with at least 3.5” tires is required. (Local rentals available)

What’s day guiding?

Looking to get a ride in without getting lost or having to use a map or your phone? Wondering how to ride to the awesome trail you heard about? Don’t want to stop at every intersection and wonder which way to go? Let us design a customized route for you or your group! Whether you are new to the sport or have been riding for years, we can take you on a ride that you won’t forget. We are locals- let us show you the best trails and/or roads our area has to offer!

Do you offer mountain bike clinics/skills work/lessons?

We believe that mountain biking is a sport that anyone and everyone can enjoy. It can be intimidating (trust us, as women who have been in the sport for over 15 years, we get it), so we are happy to offer lessons in a friendly, low-pressure and non-competitive environment. Kingdom Trails is the perfect place to learn to ride- we have multiple pump tracks and a skills park to practice in. Our lessons typically start in a park with some basic drills and skill work, and then we hit the trails to put what we learned into practice. Our goal is for you to have fun and feel more confident on your bike, no matter how young or old you are or how fast or slow you ride!

Any other questions please feel free to contact us!